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Present to arrange all afternoons dancehall dance workshops Dhq Chrissy  from Perugia.

Present to organize every afternoon in the  Dancehall Area dance workshop Dhq Chrissy from Perugia.


Dancehall Workshop with Dhq Chrissy - Everyday (5pm to 6pm in dancehall area)

Chrissy Bio

Born and raised in Addis Abeba, she moved to Italy in 2005. The first Dancehall Queen Ethiopian, in the professional scene since 2007. It represents the true Jamaican culture with its harmonious and never vulgar style, organizing and participating in events, workshops at a national level and European He has collaborated with the most important Soundsystems and Artists of the Reggae / Dancehall Italian, Jamaican scene. Performing with his shows and music video appearances for the likes of Gioman and Killacat, Jaka, Mama Marjas, Mr Lexx, Bounty Killa and many others. Co-Founder and member of Dah2AhDem DhSquad together with Dhk Mad Mike promoting and teaching authentic Dancehall and Jamaican culture for more than 10 years.


The area devoted to music Reggae-Dancehall-Hip Hop runs from 00:30 until late at night.

It is located under the awning in front of the main stage and is present within the area and is also held discussions, as well as a special bar with a long range of craft beers and not.

Dancehall, more than one kind is the attitude of a DJ and a mc to get forward and be able to engage people to dance and have fun. This area is in fact ranges of more genera belonging to the family of reggae, up to hip hop, to jungle and drum & bass modern. The special feature of this area is given by the powerful woofer speaker, speach by the mc, always ready to announce the next piece and to incite the public before tightening the dj mix, featuring music ranging from reggae roots productions, those digital and rubadub 80 years, until the modern version bashment, characterized by new production in Jamaica. Ample space will be originality of sound thanks to the numerous dubplates to experience that these crews have matured over the course of several years in the underground scene.

Numerous surprises in this area during the night:

incursions of dancehall queen and their choreography, guests of international fame to the microphone and the various contests and competitions in the planning stage.

Recall that in the years in this area performed artists and crew of international fame as: Heavy Hammer, Herb A Lize it, Kill Dem Crew, Villa Ada Posse Brusco, Raphael, forelock, Brother Culture, I-Shence, Pakkia Crew, Shanty Crew to name a few.



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